About Cassa 

Cassa Jackson is a London-based singer-songwriter with a soulful edge. Taking inspiration from artists such as Julia Michaels and Dua Lipa, she adds a modern pop twist and autobiographical lyrics to provide a unique sound. Her songs detail the highs and lows of young love and life as she articulates her experiences in a sassy, headstrong and passionate manner, touched with a noticeable hint of sadness and vulnerability.


Cassa first started writing songs at school with her very first song taking her to the final of the Song Academy Songwriter of the Year competition, where she was spotted by Jo Garofalo and asked to perform as a guest solo artist at Wembley Arena for the ‘Voice in a Million’ charity event in 2017. Shortly after, she was performing the same track to a crowd of 40,000 people at the ‘Colour Day Festival’ in Athens. 

After her academic success at school (achieving all A*s in her GCSEs and 2 A*s and and an A at A-level in French, Spanish and English), she went on to study French and Spanish at the University of Bristol, where she is currently in her final year, reading French and Spanish. Her aptitude for languages has opened doors across Europe where she has worked closely with the Parisian duo sensation ‘Klymvx’, recording at the Studio Grande Armée in Paris.

Cassa has also worked with a number of producers including Jessica Sharman  (instrumental in Ward Thomas), Richard Beadle (Musical Director of London’s ‘Hamilton’ the musical), Arno Spires and Christian Ballard (Alesha Dixon and Alex Hepburn) have solidified her unique style.


The theme of her debut single ‘Suits U’ fights back at the idea of being toyed with, used and only wanted when it is convenient for the other person. Her track ‘Wild West’ demonstrates Cassa's intellect to write meaningful lyrics with catchy, moving and meaningful music on the issue of social media and the idea of how lonely and unhappy it can make us.

Cassa is now signed to Marshall Arts booking agency (Pink, Elton John, Paul McCartney) and in 2019 she supported Jocelyn Brown three nights running at the Camden Jazz Cafe and 'The Jacksons' on their 50th anniversary tour in Spain. Cassa was set to play multiple festivals around the world including places like South Africa and Spain in 2020 before the pandemic.